Connecting to OpenVPN in macOS (Metahuman VPN App)

Step 1.

Download the Disk Image (.dmg) from our site and open.

(The Quickest way is via the 'Downloads & Apps' menu)

Step 2.

Drag the to the Applications folder shortcut.

Open it! (From /Applications, please! :)


Step 3. 

The app will update and download all the latest profiles.

(It may be blank or frozen for a few seconds.)

You will be prompted to enter your credentials. Select a server on the left and click 'Login'.


Step 4. 

You will be prompted for your Mac account password. Enter it and continue.

(For the time being, your password is required at every dis/connect due to macOS security.)


Step 5. 

You will be connected after a few seconds!

Your credentials are stored between disconnects, etc.

(Please note: Your password is currently stored in plaintext in the app directory under your home folder.)

DNS will automatically update with a built-in script. Check System Preferences>Network.


Done! :)



App runs on Node/Electron

~/MetahumanVPN/custom - Stores copies of imported profiles.

~/MetahumanVPN/ms - Config and Log files.

~/MetahumanVPN/ovpn - Stores ovpn connection profiles from site.

~/MetahumanVPN/users - User credential information.

/Applications/ - DNS script that changes interface DNS within macOS on dis/connect.

/Applications/ - OpenVPN v2.5.1 built with OpenSSL 1.1.1j


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