Do You Offer Port Forwarding?

Unfortunately we are unable to offer port forwarding on our Hatchling, Shroud or Dedicated plans at this time.

(This feature is currently limited to our Business VPN Plans as this behavior is generally expected on those types of networks.)


But Why?

This is due to multiple people using each server, NAT on our Firewalls and us having to know your originating IPs for your devices. (That would be against our Privacy Policy!)


In Detail

We don't block any OUTGOING ports, but we do not allow any INCOMING to be set or forwarded aside from the applications that are in use.

For instance: you would not be able to HOST a private CS:GO server behind our VPN, but you could JOIN and play a match while connected.

Another example would be hosting a Node or Web app locally. You CANNOT access the app using the VPN's external IP. However, if your app is hosted OUTSIDE of the VPN tunnel, you can access it while connected.


Port-Forwarding is under consideration for standard dedicated plans, but has not been one of the 'most requested' features. As such, our efforts and budget are pointed in a different direction at this time.


Apologies for any inconvenience and troubles, but our goal is to provide a safe, secure and private VPN connection.

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