Connecting to OpenVPN with an Android Client (OpenVPN Connect)

Step 1.

Open App Store and Install the 'OpenVPN Connect' App



Step 2. 

Open App from your homescreen.

You'll be prompted with a data usage ad collection notice from OpenVPN. (Up to provider for server-side logs, client/app logging, if support needed, etc.)

Continue if comfortable by tapping 'AGREE'


Step 3. 

Next, you'll be on the URL/File Import screen. We'll cover importing from a file.

Download your endpoint's .ovpn file (If not familiar yet, OVPN Profiles Downloads) and save to a file on your Android device.

(If you need help with copying to your Android, check out Google's walkthrough HERE)


Step 4. 

Tap the 'FILE' tab. You'll be prompted to allow the app permission to access files, etc. Tap 'Allow'.


Step 5. 

Browse to your saved .ovpn file, select it and tap 'IMPORT'.


Step 6. 

Enter your username and if desired, check 'Save Password' and enter it in. This is best for automatic reconnecting.

Change the connection's name if you prefer then tap 'ADD' in the upper right.


Step 7. 

Next, tap the switch on the left to connect to your endpoint.



Step 8. 

You will be prompted with a "Connection Request". Tap 'OK'.

OpenVPN will prompt saying there is no certificate, tap 'CONTINUE'.

(We authenticate via credentials and server certificate)


You are now connected with OpenVPN on your Android device!



Done! :)

*Account displayed is not active and is only used for demo/tutorial purposes.

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