Your Privacy at Metahuman VPN (What we can & cannot see)

A lot of folks have asked what we can actually see, so why not hang it all out to dry?


Admin Panel

When looking up your account, we're able to see the following:

Alias & E-mail address of account Owner and Users

Account Status

Payment Method (No full card numbers)

Credit Balance & History

Recent System E-mails

Number of Services/Subscriptions

Amount(s) Paid and when

Transaction IDs

Billing Cycle

If subscribed, WireGuard Server Group (City/State/Country, not which server)

If contacting support via chat, the agent can see what page you are on and login status


We are NOT able to see at any time or place:

Your account Usernames & Passwords or Keys

Last or most recent login to website or service

Server you are connected to/using

Origin or Routed IP (unless you tell us of course)

Any form of location data

Visited/referral websites or any form of browser data


The Actions we CAN perform on your behalf:

Services: Activate, Terminate, Un/Suspend, Change Password/Regenerate Profiles, Due-dates (within reason)

Account: Change Alias, E-mail, Status (Active, Closed, Remove upon request:automatically after 30 days no active plan)


Server Visibility:

Servers: See status/start/stop/restart/update DNS, VPN & Ad-Blocking services, software & Hardware on endpoints, Statistics such as total throughput, blocklists, # of domains blocked.

*We CANNOT view connection details such as hostnames, IP addresses, usernames or passwords even when using our API or maintenance accounts.



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