Connecting to WireGuard with a CentOS/RHEL Client

Step 1.

Sign in to the Metahuman VPN Client Portal

(If you are already logged in and know how to view your WG info, skip to Step 4)


Step 2. 

Select the 'VPNs' tile from main page or 'My VPN Plans' from the 'Account Menu'.


Step 3. 

Select the WG Plan in question.


Step 4. 

Scroll down and copy the configuration text or click the 'Copy INF Text' button.


Step 5.

Paste/Save contents to a file. This tutorial uses ~/mywgconf.file


Step 6.

Follow/Copy & Paste the Terminal commands to install and connect to WireGuard:


DONE! :)

*The Account displayed is not active and used for demo/tutorial purposes only.

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