Inviting and Managing User Accounts

Step 1.

Log in to the Client Portal

Step 2.

Select 'Account Information' from the 'Account' Menu.



Step 2. 

Click 'User Management' on the left.




Step 3. 

You can now enter the email address of a new user and define permissions.

Click 'Send Invite' when ready.



Modify Profile allows editing of Main profile email and password changes.

View/Modify VPNs allows for Users to view and change Credentials, QR Codes and Configuration files.

View & Pay Invoices allows Users to view and pay invoices on the account with any preferred payment method.

Manage Orders allows Users to create new and/or upgrade VPN Plans on the account.

*New users will need to accept the invite from their email and will be prompted to create their own Client Portal credentials


Step 4.

To remove a User, click the red 'Remove Access' button next to their account.


DONE! :)

  • User Management, Permissions
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